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  1. My congratulations to the first guest blogger at TranslatorsVillage! I'm waiting with impatience for a translation into English, as I don't speak Spanish really well. But as a translator for the Italian language I wanted to point out that, if I understood well and you wanted to mention the translation of "translator" into Italian, it must be "traduttore" and not "traditore". "Traditore" actually means "betrayer"! Quite a difference... Happy translating to everybody!

    1. That's the point: "traduttore traditore", i.e. "translator betrayer", is a famous quote which reffers to the impossibility of a translation 100% faithful to the original text.

    2. I referred to the second "traditore" in the article ("Ejemplos que lo avalan: traductor (español), traducteur (francés), traditore (italiano), tradutor (portugués), translador (rumano) etc.") But lets wait for the translation into English.

    3. Thanks Anne-Kristin for letting us know. This has been corrected now.