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TranslatorsVillage brings together the best practices in translation business: the selection process and quality standards used in corporate business combined with a direct access to translators. We gather more than 1,000 translators in more than 100 language combinations. They have been carefully selected for you and they are all committed to adhere to our community values.
The market for outsourced translation is worth more than £20k billion handled by 30,000 translation companies (covering 10% of all translation business) and freelance translators (covering the remaining 90%). In such a huge, atomized network, it is very difficult to make the right choice for your translation needs.
In TranslatorsVillage we believe that finding the right translator should be easy and therefore we have developed a tool that provides the required support to do so.
When requiring a translation you need a tool that helps you to choose among translators based on your preferred combination of background, expertise, availability and, last but not least, your budget.
TranslatorsVillage incorporates a Support Desk to help find translators in rare language combinations, providing the extra support sometimes needed during the selection process.
TranslatorsVillage is built in a secure server where clients and translators share the information, because we understand how important it is to keep your data safe and secure.
More than 50% of consumers say that having information in their own language is more important than price and making the information of your company available in a different language has never been easier.

Pitch for TranslatorsVillage

Company / App Name: TranslatorsVillage
twitter @TranslatorVille
public — September 10, 2013

What does it do?

TranslatorsVillage is the most straight forward marketplace for translation. We grant access to high-quality specialized translators in over 75 languages, helping companies to make the journey of translation with just baggage enough.

Why do we need it?

A key step to get the global reach companies are looking for, the site makes globalization journey easy and secure. Our team of expert language providers and translators, our passion for languages and excellence, at easy reach.

Who is it for?

Business and individuals that are looking to expand globally and want quality service in their multilingual deployment, leaving the selection and qualification process of translators with the experts in the domain.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

TranslatorsVillage combines the best of all marketplaces. You will now be able to know how much your translation might cost and choose from a panel of suitable candidates in just a few clicks.

What’s next?

Just visit our website and start using it, or get in touch with us through our support desk, should you need assistance.

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Presentation published in The Startup Pitch, Sep. 10th 2013