We are travellers

When travelling languages become really important. That´s the reason why many translators live in different countries during their lives.

Saying goodbye to a country is hard and sad. Same happens in the virtual cloud space.

Our blog life started with Google blogger. The first steps of our life as bloggers were great and easy. When we reflect on our time here, we remember happy, fun and exciting moments. It has been definitely all worthwhile…but times change and so must we. We have decided to have our website and our blog in the same cloud. This will allow us to continue publishing in a more regular basis.

Our travel journey will reach new places and we hope you will be able to follow us there.

We will miss you until you come back, but we hope you will be able to continue travelling with us by following us to our new space.

Goodbye friends and wishing you Bon voyage and to see you in our new blog!