Translators meetings

We believe that meetings people is the best  way of sharing information. Therefore we keep organizing meetings to meet with anyone interested in translation. 

We have organised five meetings so far (one in collaboration with Proz). They have been all a great experience,  we've always come back with hands full of ideas, interesting information and things to share. 

These were the meetings held so far:

    • Leeds October 10
    • Madrid September 4
    • Salamanca August 29
    • Paris June 14
    • Leeds June 5

At the moment we are announcing our meetings on Facebook. (

All those meetings have been informal gatherings around a drink to chat about translation stuff, but some people prefer the idea of ​​thematic meetings. Your opinion is important to us, so please add your comments below should you be interested in getting something specific out of a meeting, or write us to with any suggestion.

In our future meetings we will write a short article about the ideas that came out in our conversations and we will share the information with you in this forum.

Since our meeting have been taken place in different cities, the most recurring questions was if there was going to be a recurrence of those meeting within the same city. Since we are not a very big team, we won't be able to join the translators in every single meeting, but we are looking for volunteers that we will help to organise translators meetings. 

Are you interested interested in organizing a translators meeting? We would like to hear from you. Organizers will benefit from a discounted rate in the platform and will also gain visibility, which is always a nice to have. Write us letting us know your interest at

Tips for translators - Your picture

Why is your picture more important than you thought?

We all know the sayings: "A picture is worth a thousand words". I think it exist in almost any language I know, so there has to be a reason for it being so popular.

The reason of it being so important in your profile is that it is the first think that everyone sees when your profile shows up on the screen. Buying patterns in the internet, make this even more important. Would you book an hotel that does not have pictures on the Internet?  It is absolutely true that for translation you use your brain and not your image, but image provides the confidence of dealing with a person, and makes the client think that this person is not hiding anything,  People buy people, and when it comes to virtual networks, pictures bring forward our human side.

Sometimes an example worth more a thousand words:

Can you see the difference? Which one would you choose?

Photo Competition

Do you like photography, are you a photography enthusiast? If so, then this competition is right for you!

In this section we want to include pictures of places we visit or places we live in. We are aiming to put TranslatorsVillage all around the globe.

We are gathering picture of places where you can leave a TranslatorsVillage business card (you can download the PDF version from our Support Centre).  We want people to get familiarized with our brand name and every little helps.

Any ideas of where to put the business card? Start thinking about it. It is easier than it looks like.
We will publish the picture with the name of the person that has taken it (optional). We are planning a competition for the end of the year among all participant.

Help us to put TranslatorsVillage in the map and send us your picture. We only need your name (let us know if you want your picture to stay anonymous), your picture  and the place it was taken. Our email as usual:

Below our first picture:

In September we were on a typical huarique in  Lima, Peru - Blanca Bernabe

Guest bloggers

We are currently looking for bloggers who are looking to get their name out there and generate exposure to their profile. Blog post will be announced in our home page and will help translators to gain exposure in our site.

Our blog will talk about all aspects of the translation process, and we are open to your suggestions on blog topics, however, the content must be related somehow to language barriers and how to overcome them. If you want to talk about your hobbies, this is not your space, unless they are related to languages.

We want to see our translators and our clients telling us their stories or their thoughts, challenges they have phased, tips or lessons learned, anything that might inspire translators and clients.

Submission guidelines: 

  • Posts should be around 500 words in content 
  • Content should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web including your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content).
  • Links within the article must be relevant resources to the article and topic discussed. 
  • Author bio at the bottom of the article will include direct link to his profile in TranslatorsVillage. 


  • Higher exposure of your profile. The chance to show your skills to new prospects. 
  • Link to this post will be included in your profile.
  • Your rates won't be topped up with TranslatorsVillage commission during the 3 months after publishing.

How to apply

Submit your requests at:

Online translation entrepreneur launches Leeds-based business

Spanish entrepreneur Blanca Gonzalez is the brains behind TranslatorsVillage. The former operations manager founded the online translation portal from her Leeds base after spotting a gap in the market. Bdaily put some questions to Blanca to find out more.
In a nutshell what does Translators Village do?
TranslatorsVillage is a tool that simplifies the selection process of a translator. It provides with a panel of suitable candidates that match the clients’ selection criteria, shows the translation cost for each candidate and grants clients access to TranslatorsVillage platform, securing communication and data.
What prompted you to set up Translators Village?
Technology is providing access to many resources that were hidden before, but this can add confusion. Too much information kills information and when you search for an English Spanish translator on the internet you get 13 million results. How do you make the choice that is right for you? I thought translation should not be more difficult to choose from than a holiday destination, booking a hotel or a flight. And this is what prompted me to build TranslatorsVillage.
How have you funded the business startup?
I can only say that I have been extremely lucky with the support that I have received since the very early stages from people around me. The company is the result of a collective effort and a great part of the investment comes from friends that have offered their experience and contributed to the business success in a completely altruistic form. When so many people work with so much enthusiasm, the result has to be a great product. The rest of the investment comes from the partners and private funding. I should also mention that Leeds has a great infrastructure for startup businesses and this is very helpful when you are starting. Networking events, business conferences and also business partners that are happy to accommodate to small business budgets.
How do you attract your "citizens?"
Word of mouth has been the main source of citizen migration. People in our network had translation needs and we were responding to their demand. But we needed a structure that could provide them with the service they deserve.  I have worked in translation for more than 30 years and many of my contacts are embracing the new business idea. We are also sharing knowledge and information in social media and will soon have our blog where clients and translators will be able to benefit from the information we share. We will be regularly inviting guests to make sure that we understand our client needs. There is also some advertising and PR to help more citizens to find their way to TranslatorsVillage.
What are your ambitions for the business?

Globalization will be a great source of revenue for small businesses. We want to help them grow successfully and support them with a simple to use translation solution. We also want to provide marketing and infrastructure support to translators, so they can concentrate in what they do best: translation. 90% of all business is in SMEs hands and 90% of translation is in freelance hands, so this is quite an ambitious project that I am really excited about.