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TranslatorsVillage & VideoDubber working together

We are proud to announce our partnership with VideoDubber.
TranslatorsVillage & VideoDubber announced today the integration between the two development environments to streamline a new multi-language solution reinforcing global video growth. Combined quality translation and automated dubbing services in a simple workflow process to allow clients to communicate with a wide international market.

TranslatorsVillage has been a leading translation and customer care with a foundation rooted in communications and community interaction. TranslatorsVillage is a diverse company, with more than 1,000 translators from all around the world and with very different backgrounds, allowing the identification with a broad business range.

VideoDubber is the first online service to offer a technology platform that enables automatic dubbing of movies & videos, accurately dubbing informational types of video (e.g. documentary, lifestyle, e-learning, explanatory, testimonials, etc.) using premium digitised voices (which are based on the voice signature of professional dubbing talents). Those high-end digitised voices in more than 40 languages combined with the shortest turnaround time in the market, enable customers from the broadcast, e-learning, e-training and e-commerce markets, to leverage this technology and reach new markets, thus increase their ROI from their current videos inventory.

With our combined skills, we look forward to exceeding expectations for all of our clients needing their videos translated and dubbed with high quality standards.

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We welcome this great opportunity and would love to speak with you about how we can work together to assist your organization with more complex multilingual dubbing requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us to setup an appointment and/or a demo.