Tips for translators: Profile improvement

You have a voice and something important to say

When you are seeking a professional (e.g a marketing expert) you want to know what they have achieved, what makes them special and in particular what are their specific skills.

The same thing happens to people when they are searching for translators. For them, their translation is the most important thing and they want to choose the translator that best meets their specific needs and understands their business the most.

Everything that makes you different from the rest of your colleagues should be in your profile since it helps you to highlight your unique selling points. Those of you whose headline reads “Source-Target Language Translator” or “Specialized Freelance Translator” are describing a general feature that is already known by the client since they have already made a search according to language preference and specialization.

Remember that you are much more than a "Source-Target Language Translator," you each have your own unique skills that set you apart from the rest and that is exactly what a client is looking for. 

Your profile has fields that the client will carefully read to discover what makes you different and relevant to them: Occupational and academic background, industry/sector, type of experience (bear in mind that the search engine has already filtered you by language combination and specialism). Make it clear why you have chosen those fields and what you can offer them. Clients want to learn about your skills and knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to put that you are “French to English legal translator with 25 years experience as a lawyer” in your headline and then rewrite it in your “Summary” section relating it to your other specialties and additional skills and the description of your last jobs. That’s the idea!

Make sure you always have your profile updated with your rates and availability and also your recent activities. Don't forget to write your profile in both English and your mother tongue. If you are a French to English translator your clients can either be French or English speakers. Our platform will be available in French, Italian and German very soon.

Good luck and we appreciate you being part of the TranslatorsVillage community.

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