Translators meetings

We believe that meetings people is the best  way of sharing information. Therefore we keep organizing meetings to meet with anyone interested in translation. 

We have organised five meetings so far (one in collaboration with Proz). They have been all a great experience,  we've always come back with hands full of ideas, interesting information and things to share. 

These were the meetings held so far:

    • Leeds October 10
    • Madrid September 4
    • Salamanca August 29
    • Paris June 14
    • Leeds June 5

At the moment we are announcing our meetings on Facebook. (

All those meetings have been informal gatherings around a drink to chat about translation stuff, but some people prefer the idea of ​​thematic meetings. Your opinion is important to us, so please add your comments below should you be interested in getting something specific out of a meeting, or write us to with any suggestion.

In our future meetings we will write a short article about the ideas that came out in our conversations and we will share the information with you in this forum.

Since our meeting have been taken place in different cities, the most recurring questions was if there was going to be a recurrence of those meeting within the same city. Since we are not a very big team, we won't be able to join the translators in every single meeting, but we are looking for volunteers that we will help to organise translators meetings. 

Are you interested interested in organizing a translators meeting? We would like to hear from you. Organizers will benefit from a discounted rate in the platform and will also gain visibility, which is always a nice to have. Write us letting us know your interest at

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