Tips for translators - Your picture

Why is your picture more important than you thought?

We all know the sayings: "A picture is worth a thousand words". I think it exist in almost any language I know, so there has to be a reason for it being so popular.

The reason of it being so important in your profile is that it is the first think that everyone sees when your profile shows up on the screen. Buying patterns in the internet, make this even more important. Would you book an hotel that does not have pictures on the Internet?  It is absolutely true that for translation you use your brain and not your image, but image provides the confidence of dealing with a person, and makes the client think that this person is not hiding anything,  People buy people, and when it comes to virtual networks, pictures bring forward our human side.

Sometimes an example worth more a thousand words:

Can you see the difference? Which one would you choose?

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