Overcoming language barriers in exporting is crucial to success

Leeds, November, 8th 2013
Globalization is changing the business arena. We are all looking to maximise operational efficiencies and contain cost for more competitive production models, in lower cost markets. New markets are also a significant resource of revenue growth for businesses.
The UK’s SMEs, especially the small number of high growth SMEs, are a crucial engine for growth. 99.9 per cent of the UK’s 4.5 million businesses are small or medium-sized and programs like ‘we are international’ from UKTI support businesses looking for export.
Understanding the importing and exporting processes will smooth the path into new markets, increase sales and profits and help business to take advantage of the huge international marketplace. 
Unfortunately there is little support on those programs on how to deal with overcoming the language barrier. Many people think that English is an international language that everyone understands, but this is not always the case. Communication needs to be especially smooth when it comes to dealing with different cultures and can mean the difference in you winning a great opportunity. Good communication at the beginning of a new venture is crucial to the visibility of the company: that is the reason of translation playing a critical role during your exporting process.
Many things need to be taken care of during your expansion process and translation can be a very simple step: planning a budget for it, having the awareness of the cost (read time as well) involved, can only help you to succeed. The big challenge comes when you have to make a decision as to what the best translation choice for your company might be. The market is so atomized, and making a sound decision without experience is not obvious.
This is where the new translator’s marketplaces like TranslatorsVillage come into the picture. Marketplaces allow you to make direct contact with freelances, but provide the quality standards the platform adheres to. They facilitate the selection process and give you the opportunity to choose from different budgets, like other industries and service providers already do (booking hotels is quite popular in the net). TranslatorsVillage adds a unique value is a secured platform for information sharing and payment processing and a budget calculator. We know how important data protection is, so we add to the service an online secure platform that keeps track of all the translation process. Transparency of what you can get and at what price and timeframe is our delivery in goal.
There are thousands of stories, some funny, others quite dramatic about what poor translation can entail. From Coca-Cola to manufacturing industry - hundreds of mistakes that have triggered long legal processes and cost far beyond the cost of a good translation.
Remember that making your information accessible so that everyone can read it will improve your message toward your audience. It means that you recognise the difference of others and that you respect this difference. Providing access to this multilingual information will benefit your business. We invite you to visit our web page where you can easily check how much it can cost.
Whatever your decision is when it comes to choose a translator, make sure you choose a site with clear information on quality standards, data protection and secured delivery. That will help you to get your product in the target market at the quality level it deserves.

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